Exudes a quiet and gentle presence that is very warm and welcoming, just like her name meaning ‘gentle’.


The Fine Tuner

Damaris 18, can agree that as the youngest, she is very mature for her age and is a trusted source for Godly wisdom and inspiration. She has an infectious laugh and spontaneous sense of creativity, with interests that include poetry and playing her guitar.

Damaris is the strong soprano of the group, with a voice that she sights inspiration from the likes of:

Music influencers

However, one can suggest that it transcends back to the era of prominent rhythm and blues as well as jazz. Although she typically describes herself as shy, Damaris’ older twin sisters coin her as bubbly yet laid back and distinguish her vocals as angelic, ethereal, gentle and piercing.
On her self discovery of music, she has gravitated towards various, distinctive sounds that once seemed unfamiliar to her, such as Lo-fi music from the likes of:
…as well as Folk and indie music from the likes of:

In particular, she has developed a love for korean music after her love for K-dramas emerged over the lockdown period with soundtracks playing on repeat.

Aside from being musically orientated, Damaris sees herself as an aspiring Educator and leader in her sphere of influence and hopes that liberation will be found through the trio’s sound as well as the occupation she pursues.

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