Spontaneous, strategic and forward-thinking are three words that best describe Eman, the second oldest twin.


The Clever strategist

Much like her sisters, Eman is a multifaceted creative individual with a knack for writing and articulating her opinions and she has a welcoming smile and presence. As ‘The Clever Strategist’, she is described as the ‘glue,’ and the one who keeps the trio ‘set and secure’. Eman arranges meetings, rehearsal schedules and mind mapping sessions with her sisters, a task which she enjoys as it helps extend her social networking skills and prioritise her studies, music, free time and other extracurriculars, though at times it can be challenging

Sanchia and Damaris describe Eman’s vocals as having a refined yet relaxed R&B tone, which compliments well with her sister’ melodies, making her the alto of the group.

Music influencers

She also loves listening to Christian trap and hip hop, and is intrigued by how the conversational rap used still embodies Christ and life experiences. She cites…

…as her favourites. Though, she admits that she is still trying to find her sound as an artist.

It is Eman’s ambitious and driven nature balanced with humility, which has led her to study politics. She is politically orientated, where her zeal and interest for politics have sparked her curiosity regarding intersectionality, especially pertaining to being a ‘black woman’ with a ‘disability’. Aside from this, she is also a huge fan of the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ like Sanchia, enjoys cooking and laughing and talking with her friends.

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