Vivacious and tenacious character and bright smile will engage and draw you into conversation with her.


The Visionary Extraordinaire

Sanchia, 19, is the oldest in the sister trio, as a creative, she is multifaceted with aspirations to explore musical production and delve deeper into musical theory. She is a visualiser; constantly thinking of new ways to distinctify her sisters’ music and content, and through watching videos, interviews and documentaries, she learns from other artists and producers how to communicate meaning and authenticity to their audiences through symbolism and reflective relatable finess.

Sanchia’s voice is a fusion of velvet lower tones and huskiness, making her the distinctive tenor; her voice is layered, with still so much potential to reach! Complimentary to her voice is her vast array of musical and producer influences from the greats such as Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and Donny Hathaway

Music influencers

Soul and R&B influences like Fleetwood Mac, Tame Impala, Lauryn Hill, H.E.R and…

…as well as hip-hop groups such as Tribe Called Quest and the contemporary artists in the UK music scene such as Blood Orange, Dave, Stormzy, Arlow Parks. There is a lot!

But it is this diverse selection and Sanchia’s openness to discovering new artists that transcend genres, that establishes her as not just the visualiser among her sisters, but the underdog with an ear for music.
Aside from her music, Sanchia is currently studying Cyber Security at university and she is invested in breaking through the tech world and paving the way for more black women and people with disabilities; a career path that her twin sister Eman and younger sister Damaris, are still mind blown and excited about!

16 August 2020

A unique ‘boot camp’ has been set up in the West Midlands to train black women to become software developers.

The aim is to increase digital skills and help create a more diverse workforce in technology, a traditionally male-dominated industry. It has been put together by two start-ups run by black women; NIYO Enterprise and Coding Black Females. They secured funding of £250,000 from the West Midlands Combined Authority Digital Retraining Fund.

The free, six-month, part-time course is designed for women over-18 who are unemployed or employed with a salary below £20,000.

Originally it was intended for 40 women, but after more than 300 applied, 50 are now taking part.

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